Moore Funeral Home

The staff at Moore Funeral Home & Cremation Services takes great pride in caring for our families, and has made a commitment to provide you with a beautiful, lasting tribute to your loved one. Honoring your loved one is our top priority, and part of that is assisting you deal with grief during this difficult time.

Everyone’s needs are different, and for that reason, families can entrust their loved one’s wishes to our staff. We have a wide range of resources to support you not only today, but in the weeks and months to come.

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Dade County Sheriff’s Office

It is the Mission of the Dade County Sheriff’s Office to provide each citizen with the highest level of protection of life and property, while enforcing the laws of the State of Georgia and insuring that the rights of each citizen are protected under the constitution. Visit Dade County Sheriff

River Run Logistics, Inc.

We are a family owned 4PL asset-based trucking company. We have the trucks, the warehouse, the training, and the financial stability to give you the best experience in handling your freight. With over 30 years experience we strive to build lasting relationships with our valued customers.

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Madex Associates, Inc,

MaDex Associates is “A Transportation Community” of shippers established more than 20 years ago. We work within a network of quality truckload carriers who can mutually benefit each other.  We act as your sales force; we can bring good-paying consistent traffic into the lanes you need.  We also provide other services for our carriers outside of freight, including nationwide towing services, telecommunication services, fuel card program, etc.\ Visit Madex Associates

Teleflex Medical OEM

Let’s Work Together to Create Something Amazing

Our team of highly-qualified engineers, material and polymer experts, and skilled technicians makes Teleflex Medical OEM stand above the rest. You can count on us to enhance your design, develop prototypes, and scale up for manufacturing. It is all made possible by our vertically integrated, in-house capabilities

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